BrazArtis Assessoria em Comercio Exterior Ltda. specializes in international trade, distribution of products and commercial representation. BrazArtis' prime objective is to facilitate commerce between Brazil and external markets, introduce promising products to local and international consumers, while ensuring safe and efficient transactions. As part of its specialised services, BrazArtis offers a complete gamut of trade solution to foreign companies wanting to enter the Brazilian market and/or expand their operations abroad, sourcing of products and outsourcing of services, as well as transaction intermediation, logistics management and legal assistance.

Backed by highly qualified team, our services can be tailored to meet your corporate needs, regardless of the size of your company or its scope of operations. Our proven expertise is supported by strong business ties in the local and international market as well as implementation of various turnkey projects.  BrazArtis’ niche specialization combines added value services that enable companies to meet their goals and maximise their return on investment.

Our Expertise:
Our area of expertise includes commercial representation of Brazilian and foreign companies, product sourcing, logistics and customs management, intermediation of all transactions between producers and buyers. Our systems and company structure provides us the flexibility to meet our clients' needs and ensure total satisfaction.

Our Staff:
Our team can oversee every step of the each transaction, starting from product sourcing to import and export management. With client needs in mind, we aim to streamline all business processes in order to ensure that your company receives proper representation and products are delivered on time to their final destination.


Our Networks:

By utilising economies of scale and scope, BrazArtis has the capabilities to source large and small quantities of products at competitive prices. Our strong strong business ties and strategic market insight allow us to attain preferential prices for our clients, minimising delivery time and costs.

If  you are  seeking to broaden your commercial horizons beyond the boundaries of your country, choose BrazArtis as your import-export partner.

We endeavour to exceed your expectations