Commercial Representation    

When entering a new market, it is essential for companies to make informed business decision, as this
particular period can be the determining factor between success and failure. With each country key
underlying business dynamics can potentially inhibit and/or delay your operations including a limited
knowledge of the local regulatory, business, linguistic, cultural, political and/or legal practices.

Even a small misunderstanding or faulty agreement can jeopardize your corporate reputation, generate
controversy, delay transactions and even breach the commercial relationship between you and a potential
business partner.

Therefore, at this business juncture no company should enter the unknown without proper market
information and/or a credible business partner. A business partner whom can assist and represent you
in crucial business transactions and corporate decisions, a partner that will seek and support your business
objectives, grow your sales and promote your products in the local or external markets.


BrazArtis (Assessoria em Comercio Exterior Ltda) commercial representation and consulting services have proven to be a key determinant in ensuring success. Our operations encompass diverse areas of commercial and foreign trade representation as well as their respective stages of business development processes. Our prime objective is to guide and represent companies through complicated transactions, facilitate safe and efficient operations, mitigate risks and achieve corporate business goals. BrazArtis corporate solutions have been designed to maximise sales, identify market opportunities, make viable business decision and simplifying complex transactions. We can help you understand the underlying dynamics of the international market, represent your company as well as manage the full scope of your products branding, business development, logistics and transaction management.

BrazArtis commercial representation spans across:

•Strategic consultancy and market studies
•Beginning to end new business development and management
•Transaction management, contract and terms negotiation
• Identification of the best potential customers, sales channels and sales leads
• Product introduction, preliminary market test to establish the validity and profitability of the foreign market
• Determining of approximate potential sales volume in the foreign market
• Selection of the best agents and distributors
• Pinpointing key entry points and market niches
• Due diligence representation
• Market visit assistance
• Market visits and marketing plan formation (for more information please visit our consultancy services)
• Distribution of product samples
• Prospecting and buyers evaluation
• Screen potential service suppliers
• Distribution channel management  and supply chain optimization
• Development of international, bilateral, regional or multilateral business opportunities
• Turnkey project implementation

If you are  seeking to broaden your commercial horizons beyond the boundaries of your country, choose BrazArtis as your import-export partner.

We endeavour to exceed your expectations