Chemical, Oil & Gas Department

Invited Speaker at Platts Oil Markets Middle East Conference in Dubai

Topic: Emergent opportunities and oil industry trade with Brazil

The Middle East’s energy industry is changing fast. The sector is increasingly becoming a demand as well as a supply center, with trading patterns evolving as a consequence.

Brazil oil trade focus for Dubai summit

Emergent trade opportunities in the oil sector between Brazil and the region will be highlighted at an upcoming conference in Dubai.

Brazilian Oil & Gas Sector Fuels Investment from Middle East

Emergent trade opportunities in the oil sector between Brazil and the region will be highlighted at an upcoming conference in Dubai.

Market research for diversified Canadian drilling solutions provider serving mining, oil & gas sectors

Energold Drilling Corp. is a leading global drilling solutions company that services the mining and energy sectors in the Americas, Africa and Asia. We are internationally recognized for our social and environmental approach to drilling and operate 270 rigs in 24 countries worldwide.

Incorporation of companies in Brazil

Introduction of a leading distributor of furniture acessories to Brazil and overseeing of all commercial operations

Para as indústrias do setor moveleiro, escolher quais ferragens e acessórios farão parte do móvel não é uma tarefa simples. Além das funcionalidades de cada peça, fatores como custo, tecnologia e design contribuem para a formação do preço final do produto, ou seja, nem sempre o melhor preço gera o melhor resultado

Agricultural Department

Invited speaker at the Foodnews Juice MENA 2014 in Dubai on ´Brazilian FCOJ trade´ Brazilian firm eyes GCC orange juice market

Brazilian firm eyes GCC orange juice market. Dubai´s Juice Conference to give insight into regional consumption trends and global industry dynamics

Brazilian import-export company expands corn exports to Middle East

BrazArtis, an import-export company based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is set to expand its soybean and corn exports to the Middle East, an endeavour that is aligned with the growing Brazilian grain harvest and exports.

Trade Arabia: Egypt, Saudi step up maize imports

Saudi Arabia increases soybean and corn imports from Brazil

Brazil company to expand ME chicken exports

Brazil export-import company BrazArtis Assessoria em Comercio Exterior has made plans to expand chicken exports to the Middle East in an effort to grow Brazil’s poultry presence in the region.

Brazil: Fruit juice company looks to Arabian markets

BrazArtis, a leading import-export company in Brazil, has started a massive campaign aimed at boosting the exports of its frozen concentrated orange juice, cold pressed orange oil and D’lemonene to the Gulf region.

Brazilian firm eyes GCC orange juice market

Foodnews Juice MENA 2014, an inaugural conference with a focus exclusively on juice markets in the Region, will spotlight a presentation on the Brazilian Frozen Concentrated Orange Juice (FCOJ) trade by Jan Dabrowa, commercial director of GrupoBraz Consulting and BrazArtis, an import-export company from Rio de Janeiro.

Brazil firms launch fruit drinks in Mideast

BrazArtis, a Rio de Janeiro based company, along with Saborama, a leading Brazilian manufacturer of refreshment beverages, will launch a new line of fruit-flavour drinks in the Middle East. These include Acai, Citrus, Guarana, Grape, Catuaba, Gooseberry, Tutti frutti savour concentrates and the award winning Brasil Fruit energy drink.

Brazilian coffee leaves an aromatic mark in the Gulf region

BrazArtis, an import-export company based out of Brazil, today launched a new array of organic coffee catering to the coffee enthusiasts in the Gulf Region, this includes gourmet green, roasted and freeze dried coffee.

Consultancy for Cosmetic Industry

Consultancy to exporters of cosmetics during the Programme of Promoting Polish Cosmetic Industry on Foreign Markets organized by Polish Ministry of Economy, in Warsaw – Poland