Commercial Representation

Commercial representation plays an important part in day to day business practices in Brazil.

Our operations encompass commercial representation as well as their respective stages of business development processes. Our prime objective is to develop and maintain strong relations, guide and represent companies through complicated transactions, facilitate safe and efficient operations, mitigate risks, surpass short & long term corporate goals. As a result we strive to maximize sales, identify market opportunities, make viable business decisions and simplify complex transactions.

We offer a competitive edge with on ground specialists, updated market insight, conducting market visits, while constantly building commercial relationships within the market. We can help you understand the underlying dynamics of the Brazilian market, represent your company as well as manage the full scope of your products branding, business development, logistics and transaction management.

Our services spans across:

  • Beginning-to-End business development
  • Identification of key business opportunities, partners and sales channels
  • Transaction management, contract and terms negotiation
  • Determining of approximate potential sales volume in the foreign market
  • Pinpointing key entry points and market niches
  • Due diligence representation
  • Market and client visits
  • Distribution of product samples
  • Prospecting and business partner evaluation
  • Logistics management and supply chain optimization
  • Development of multilateral business opportunities
  • Turnkey project implementation


Services designed to offer an edge to companies entering and growing business in Brazil. This includes utilization of business intelligence that allows companies to identify new market opportunities and clients while simplifying complex business decisions. Linking experience and market insight, our customized solutions are designed to provide the precise market information that will allow companies to take swift actions.

When entering new markets, there are various challenges that can inhibit and/or delay your operations including limited knowledge of local regulatory, business, linguistic, cultural, political and/or legal practices. At this business juncture, our consultancy services have proven to be a key determinant in ensuring success. Our prime objective is to guide your company through each step of the transaction which will result in safe and efficient operations, mitigate risks and achieve all corporate business goals.

Our experience in import-export operations and current market insights offer a solid vision of the local business dynamics as well as legal, transactional and trade issues. Our services can be customized to your needs, which includes:

  • Incorporation of companies in Brazil
  • Dedicated databases and access to current market information
  • Strategic market studies, including competitive, price, market size and opportunity analysis
  • Buyer, supplier and potential client analysis and selection of distributors
  • Product sourcing and negotiation on your behalf
  • Competition, price, cost and risk analysis
  • Customized corporate assessment
  • Comprehensive legal and tax assistance
  • Analytical client research using dedicated market insight
  • Product positioning, introduction and placement
  • Comprehensive analysis of political, foreign trade and market forces
  • Marketing and public relations consultancy
  • Negotiation and drafting of contracts


With solid trade, customs and logistics experience, our endeavour is to negotiate favourable terms, cut costs and optimising delivery times. Our import-export solutions include:

  • Product sourcing
  • Ensuring availability and stock consistency
  • Supply Chain Optimization
  • Cost Cutting Strategies
  • Payment terms & price negotiations
  • Contract development and management
  • Identifying duties, regulations and other restraints on the local market
  • Transaction reassessment (Review of prices and contracts)
  • Custom packaging
  • Sourcing and outsourcing business capacities